Shih Tzus

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Shih Tzus are small in size but big on personality, and they make wonderful companions. The Shih Tzu temperament is outgoing and friendly. Shih Tzus will shower you with affection and make visitors feel welcome, too. Although Shih Tzu barking isn’t usually excessive in well-bred, well-trained pups, some Shih Tzus can bark enough to be a problem—and the barking sometimes means they’re bored. These active and curious dogs may want more out of life than just sitting on your lap, so consider teaching your Shih Tzu tricks or even competing with them in agility!

Shih Tzus usually are great with children, but because of their small and cute size, children may treat them like stuffed toys and accidentally injure them. That means it’s very important to monitor interactions to ensure everyone stays safe. The same applies any time your Shih Tzu is playing with a larger dog. And, like other short-snouted (brachycephalic) breeds, Shih Tzus don’t tolerate excessive heat very well.

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